001 - Pilot Episode

What happens if we just lift up the hood - at least on one side of it?

the story

In Episode 1 we introduce you to the individuals who founded Civilla as we set out on a journey to assemble our very first $100 Million idea. 

Civilla is a Center for Social innovation based in Detroit, Michigan. The grant we are applying for is called 100&Change - a public competition launched by the MacArthur Foundation

The idea surfaced in a flurry of text messages last week. Episode 1 documents our team's back-and-forth conversations about our decision to a) go after this super-sized grant and b) start a podcast that openly shares our journey. You'll hear about the fear of vulnerability and our reflections on the lack transparency that we typically see in philanthropy. 

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Adam Selzer recorded, edited, and mixed the episode. He also wrote & recorded the music. He also created the 100 billion logo.

Lena Selzer got this thing online.

(we're a small and mighty team).