004 - The Problem

I keep coming back to the term “public benefit.” We are the public. We all are the public.

the story

This is the fourth episode of One Billion. In this part of the 100&Change grant application, we are asked to articulate "What is the Problem?" In our line of work, we believe deeply that problems are best defined through the stories and perspectives of those who are closest to them. In this case, that is the story of residents who are interfacing with the public benefit system in the State of Michigan.

In Episode 4, we introduce you to Dr. Latina Denson - an extraordinary woman whose input, guidance, and participation has guided our team's work since Day 1. You'll travel into her living room as she brings us through the arc of her life. You'll hear of her childhood, the journey to attaining her PhD, and the story of an ordinary day that ended up changing the course of her life. Through this story, she walks us through the experience of accessing public benefits - revealing how the system ends up feeling to those who are in the midst of a deeply personal time in their lives. 

Dr. Latina Denson. Portrait by Marisol Dorantes.

Dr. Latina Denson. Portrait by Marisol Dorantes.

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Special thanks to Dr. Latina Denson for opening her home and sharing her story with us.

Adam Selzer recorded, edited, and mixed the episode. He also wrote & recorded the music. 

Lena Selzer got the show notes up & running.

Shout out to Bruce Boyd at the Stanford d.school for lending us audio gear in the 11th hour.