006 - What's the Evidence?

the lust for certainty

the story

This is the sixth episode of One Billion. In this part of the 100&Change grant application, we are asked to articulate "What's the evidence?" We discuss the challenge of providing definitive evidence, risk assessments, and evaluation metrics for a project that is emergent and focused on bringing about change in new ways. 

In our conversations, we introduce you to Gabriela Dorantes - Civilla's resident grant expert who gives us insight into the process and challenges behind the traditional grant making process. You'll hear her discuss the results of crafting applications that promise certainty from the outset. You'll also be introduced to Fred Wagner - Civilla's newest teammate who walks us through the intersection of quantitative and qualitative research - shedding light on the approach that we will need to take in order to build a case that benefits both people and the system at hand. 

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Special thanks to Gabriela Dorantes and Fred Wagner for interviewing and sharing their experiences with us.

Adam Selzer recorded, edited, and mixed the episode. He also wrote & recorded the music. 

Lena Selzer got the show notes up & running.