007 - Can You Do It?

This is not your typical government contract

the story

This is the sixth episode of One Billion. In this part of the 100&Change grant application, we are asked "Can you do it?" We navigate questions around our previous performance and organizational capacity - both challenges for an organization that is only nine months old. 

In Episode 6, we introduce you to Greg Gershman, the Co-founder and CEO of AdHoc. Ad Hoc is a small software engineering company that came out of the successful effort to rescue HealthCare.gov after its disastrous initial launch in 2013. Greg and Paul, Ad Hoc’s cofounders and principals, were part of the original team of 5 folks from outside of government who were brought in to fix it.  You'll hear about their journey to stabilize the site and help enroll millions of Americans in affordable health coverage. Through this story Greg demonstrates the power of small teams - revealing how the much can be accomplished by a collection of inspired and talented individuals. 

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Special thanks to Greg Gershman for sharing his story with us.

Adam Selzer recorded, edited, and mixed the episode. He also wrote & recorded the music. 

Lena Selzer got the show notes up & running.