common questions

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Beyond skills, what kind of person are you looking for? Civilla is committed to fostering a low-drama, high-functioning workplace. We’ve found that persistence, curiosity and emotional intelligence are key to thriving on our team.

Persistence: This work doesn’t come easily and it doesn’t come quickly. Our teammates create their own energy, generate momentum around their work, and always keep pushing forward with an upbeat spirit.

Curiosity: Civilla itself is an experiment. It’s a set of questions about how the world works (and how it might work differently). It’s often fuzzy and it’s never spelled out for us. We seek teammates that are inquisitive about the world around them and look to go ever deeper and closer in their examination towards the pursuit of wisdom.

Emotional Intelligence: We are in the business of understanding people: how they operate, what they believe, and why they do the things that they do. Often it requires a highly self-aware person who gets energy from connecting with all sorts of people and adapts quickly to different social environments.



What is the interview process like? We’ll reach out to select candidates for an interview. First, we’ll have a conversation to get to know you better, including learning about your personal and professional goals. Next, we’ll ask you to complete a short design exercise. Finally, we’ll make an offer to the strongest candidates.



What should I expect in terms of compensaiont? All of our teammates begin their journey with Civilla with a trial period. This is a two-way street where we both get to work together and evaluate whether it’s the right fit organizationally, personally and professionally.  Full-time employees enter into the organization with:

  • Competitive salary

  • Medical, dental and vision insurance

  • Fitness stipend

  • Generous paid vacation

  • 403(b) retirement savings plan



Will Civilla sponsor work related visas for employees? You must be authorized to work in the U.S. We are unfortunately not able to support work related visas at this time.