one billion

Season 1: Our first $100 Million

Follow along as we chronicle the journey of assembling our very first $100 Million idea. Stories are captured in real time and shared out weekly.

The power of tiny teams and meaningful adjacencies. Read the full story.


Resisting the lust for certainty. Read the full story.


Travel with us to Lansing to meet Tim Becker - the Chief Deputy Director at Michigan Department of Health and Human Services who sheds light on the challenges, complexities, and courage involved with ushering innovation through a major government bureaucracy. Read the full story.


Framing the problem. Travel into the living room of Dr. Latina Denson - an amazing woman who had to engage the public benefit system after experiencing a life-changing stroke. Read the full story.


The beginning of our Ocean's 11 team. Read the full story.


Our attempt to write an Executive Summary for an idea that doesn't quite exist yet. Read the full story.


Our decision to go after our first $100 Million (but it's not about the $100 Million). Read the full story.



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