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We carry a deep optimism about the future and are heartened by leaders who are confronting the most pressing challenges of our time. Here are the ways we might work together...


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Partner on changework

At Civilla, we link arms with courageous leaders who are in pursuit of widescale and enduring change. For us the very best partners are those who show up with a high risk tolerance and the courage to go all in. They come to the table as equals ready to roll up their sleeves together.

We are on the lookout for leaders who are committed to developing a true partnership over the long haul. Navigating change through complex systems requires an enormous amount of energy, and we invest ourselves fully in the work that we take on. We look for small number of such partnerships per year.

In our experience successful changework tends to have a tight scope, a high priority within the organization, and sufficient resources behind it. Our work begins with an investigation of the human factors that sit at the center of your organization. We seek to bring you closer to the communities you work in - which only happens by building true relationships and placing the stories and experiences of community members squarely in the middle of the table as the expert voice. The insights that are lifted up through our first phase will provide new framing on the challenges you face and clarity on the solutions that carry the highest potential for impact moving forward. From here, solutions move into proof of concept, piloting, and implementation. You can get a better sense for this process through a recent case study that shares our work bringing innovation into State government.

Leaders who are interested in exploring partnerships should reach out to set up a call or schedule a visit.


Executive Immersion

Sharpen your leadership practice

Courageous leadership isn’t a moment, it is a daily practice that requires a deep root and ongoing commitment.

The Civilla Executive Leadership program provides the opportunity for executives to join our team at Civilla for 4 weeks of immersive learning. During their time with us, executives work alongside our roster of dedicated design professionals - conducting observations and interviews in the field, building prototypes to test with users, and leading their own design projects to bring back to their organization.

Executives engage an innovation curriculum that is rooted in close mentorship and guidance. They are exposed to changework methodologies and a set of personal leadership frameworks that are applied immediately to real projects.

A limited number of slots are available each year. Contact us to express interest and learn more about the program.

Previous participants include: Independent Sector, McKinsey & Company, GreenPath Financial Wellness.



Stretch your organization's thinking on changework

We place a high value on education and welcome the opportunity to share our approach to changework through speaking opportunities and studio tours. During our time with organizations we bring teams behind the scenes of Civilla and Project Re:Form - an inspiring case study of bringing innovation into State government with the potential to impact millions of lives. We demonstrate how human-centeredness, rapid iteration, and emotive storytelling have influenced civic leaders to think differently. We share how we assemble and train talent, maintain healthy work rhythms, form deep team relationships, and break down our ten-year walk into discrete hourly tasks. Participants are sure to leave with a whole new sense of how organizations can operate. Contact us about available opportunities.

Previous participants include: Google, Steelcase, Bank of America, United Way Worldwide, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ford Motor Company, Cranbrook, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.


Let's link arms